Stamped Engineering
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Stamped Engineering
Building codes often require a building permit and structural wall design prepared by a qualified engineer for retaining walls as short as 2´ in exposed height. Requirements will vary but Hardscape Technical Services makes this process quick and easy!

Please note, we cannot do projects in the following states: Illinois, Hawaii, California, Alaska, and North Dakota.

When Do I Need Stamped Engineering?
In most cities, counties, or states, retaining walls taller than four feet and as short as two feet must be structurally designed by a state licensed engineer. Even when walls are shorter than four feet, it is important to adhere to local building codes.
Why Do I Need Stamped Engineering?

All retaining walls bear some type of load, thus the term "retaining" wall. So keep in mind the design or engineering of your wall first and the aesthetics second.
The taller the wall the more force the soil has pushing against the wall. This force is known as "lateral earth pressure."
An engineer works with several parameters to determine the lateral earth pressure; like soil weight, angle of internal friction, and water table. Once an engineer knows the parameters of an area, they can calculate possible failure factors, such as overturning, base sliding, and soil bearing capacity. They then factor those statistics by the wall's size to determine the adequate strength and reinforcement plan/design.

Quality is equal to the strength of the weakest link.

Retaining walls are easier and cheaper to build correctly the first time, than to rebuild due to failures. A few of the most common problems you'll see in poorly constructed retaining walls are tilting, cracking, and bowing of the wall. By taking some time to research proper construction of your retaining wall or by following a stamped engineered design of your wall, it is possible to foresee environmental, structural, and construction demands before it's too late. This is why more and more states are requring stamped engineering.

In order to obtain stamped engineering an engineer will require: soil samples, area photos, slope angles, and a site sketch/plan.
If you are using the HTS Engineering Assistance Program, everything is outlined step-by-step in a block specific HTS Pros Guide .

What You Do:

  • Obtain soil sample or soil report, site photos and wall sketches
  • Send Request Form with samples, photos, and sketches to us

What We Do:

  • Review your request
  • Obtain stamped engineering from a
    licensed engineer

What You Receive:

  • The Pros Guide: step-by-step instructions and material estimations for the specific block and size of your project
  • Stamped design and letter
  • Geogrid and fabric samples
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